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union station engagement session downtown denver | sarah & kasey

December 15, 2017

Yay it’s these guys! Ok I have loved blogging every single moment from this whole trip because I want to do it again. Denver is starting to get cold now so we went at the perfect time to hang out with these two. If you didn’t see the behind the scenes of our trip head here first! But today I am sharing Sarah & Kasey’s engagement session. We met them over the Summer for coffee here in St. Pete and knew we had to be their new couple-bff’s. That’s totally a thing with us and Clarissa & Rob are also in this group because of this same trip. Planning this session was almost as fun as shooting it because Sarah knew exactly the best places to go in order to represent their lives in Denver. Hanging out at Commons Park, visiting Union Station and having a blast downtown. We even ate at Wynkoop Brewing Company afterwards where I ordered dessert for dinner and it was an amazing choice. We were actually there the weekend of the GoT finale and ended up at Sarah & Kasey’s place to watch together. And LUCY! You guys, Lucy is the best dog ever. Kasey has her trained to do awesome tricks and plus she’s such a sweetheart. Ok here are a few fun facts about these guys:

♥ They are both UF alum!

♥ They are obsessed with FRIENDS and we discussed episodes at length during our first hangout. 

♥ Kasey is also from the East Coast of FL like us, and loves the Dolphins and hates the Patriots!!!

Seriously, that’s just a few because I could go on for a while. I am so excited to show off Lucy’s photos now! But seriously y’all she’s so adorable. Plus, Sarah is pretty too :)

Counting down until I get to hug you guys again! Just 4 more months!!! Oh and we got this beautiful Save The Date card in the mail a few weeks ago so I had to snap a photo of it, of course!


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