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Postcard Inn St. Pete Beach Wedding & Engagement | Diogo & Nastassia

June 21, 2016

postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0001 copy

These two! How cute are they, seriously? I love the way they look at each other and smile and laugh just from watching one another. Diogo & Nastassia are tying the knot at Postcard Inn on St. Pete Beach in October, and after meeting them here we knew they were going to be a perfect match for us and totally awesome to hang out with. We explored the PCI property and beach during their engagement session last weekend, on what happened to fall on Brazilian Valentines Day and also Diogo’s birthday. What a great day! These two are seriously so sweet, Diogo was picking flowers for her and dipping her, which reminded me a lot of how Evan likes to do little things like that which usually makes me embarrassed in public. But how lucky to have a man that loves you so proudly, right? That’s exactly what this was- they just want to yell from rooftops that they love each other and their wedding will be such a celebration. We are looking forward to it so much!

postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0002 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0003 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0004 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0005 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0006 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0007 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0008 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0009 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0010 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0011 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0012 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0013 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0014 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0015 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0016 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0017 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0018 postcard-inn-st-pete-beach-wedding-engagement_0019

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