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March 26, 2014

We are so excited to reveal this video of Evan and I today! This is something that has been an idea for several years now and we are so thrilled that we could make it happen in time for the business’ 5th anniversary next month. We wanted a way for people to really see what we are all about before meeting us and to be able to have a visual of how we work together. Here’s our video!

Hope you all love it! We would love to know what you think. Whether you are a current couple, someone who has never net us before or a longtime friend, comment below and let us know if we represented ourselves well! A very special thanks to Dave for spending a Saturday shooting all the beautiful footage for us. Also to our two wonderful couples, Ashley & Mike and Nikki & Nick, for letting us interview you and letting your shoots be part of our video. I don’t know if it came across but when we shot the video we had only met Nikki & Nick at our consult and hand’t shot with them before! Nothing was staged and it was a real deal engagement session. You can see the photos from these entire sessions here: Ashley & Mike Encore  and Nikki & Nick Engagement.

And stay tuned for a few more videos over the next few months! We shot a ton of footage so Evan, is going to put together several versions including one just about the engagement session process and a fun interview where Evan and I ask each other to answer a bunch of really fun questions!

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