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on the eve of our anniversary | caroline & evan

May 19, 2017

I am constantly wondering why I am the one who writes the blog, because Evan really is the writer of our family. This guy told me he loved me for the first time in a poem, he used to write them for me all the time in high school. When you are high school sweethearts you never really know adult life without the other person. Evan has always been the constant good that is in my life and whenever I fall into a pit of darkness he is the one that can pull me back out. Whether that’s by cracking a well timed joke in the moment or being patient for months and months and waiting until I’m ready for him to rescue me. 15 years of happiness and hardship, and finding, losing, and finding ourselves again and learning together. That’s what it’s like when you marry the person you fell in love with as a teenager. Having dreams and watching some of them come true and some that don’t. The things we have conquered together and continue to work on amount to much more than most people face in sixty years of marriage, let alone ten. 

Marriage is hard. If it were easy the reward wouldn’t be so great. I went through and was trying to find photos of us over the years, there are thousands but I kept coming back to this one. It’s from our 5 year anniversary and it’s the image that hangs in our bedroom on a giant canvas. I think this image tells our story better than any other. Adventure, fun, passion, following our heart over logic, not caring what people think. I’m even sure we are saying something smart-ass to each other in that exact moment. We are two very different yet very similar people. For us, our marriage is constantly about challenging each other to be better. We are a work in progress and we know it and thats why this works. There are no secrets to success for relationships if you are always on the same team. We are so lucky to be in each other’s corner. I love you with all my being, happy anniversary.

Photo of us by Brandi Morris, Brandi Image Photography


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