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Driftwood Beach engagement session a Ft. DeSoto | Jill & Drew

May 16, 2017

It’s crazy how places change over the years. We have been shooting at Ft. DeSoto beach in St. Pete for almost a decade and it looks completely different in some areas and exactly the same in others. With Jill & Drew, we started near the dog park because they were including their pup, then we ventured up to North Beach which has eroded so much and the trees have basically turned into driftwood. It’s beautiful but also a little sad that the beach is nearly gone there. But, I do love a good driftwood beach so I hope it stays a while longer. All the bleached trees were so gorgeous to watch the water from. It was so windy that day! We also got a beautiful sunset which made me so happy for Jill & Drew. We are pretty stoked for their wedding in November because hanging out with them was so much fun. Here are a few fun facts about these two:

♥ Jill teaches Spanish as well as art, and Drew umpires baseball on the weekends. Drew is the funniest person Jill knows and I love that she says that because Evan is the funniest person I know. 

♥ Their dog’s name is Norman- and he is the cutest! He really enjoyed being in photos and him and Evan are friends now.

♥ These two only looked at ONE wedding venue, they immediately knew that The Postcard Inn on St. Pete Beach was perfect for them.



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