Davis island engagement session | Ventura & Ethan

We had a very colorful and fun engagement session with Ventura & Ethan during their Florida visit two weeks ago! These two are tying the knot in December at Isla Del Sol and we are so excited! It’s always so nice to finally put faces to the names of our couples when they are from out of town. Ventura & Ethan live in Brooklyn and we were connected to them by their fabulous planner, Ashely from Exquisite Events! We explored Davis Island and then took these two to Bayshore Blvd. to finish their session among the palm trees for a true Florida vibe. Here are some fun facts about them!

♥ They don’t like coffee. I cannot relate to this but they were such sports and still met up with us at a coffee shop. 

♥ The area of Brooklyn where they live is right next to the rainbow bagel store! If you don’t know what this is you need to head over to Instagram and find the #carolineandevantravel feed!

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